Works process and consultation

As part of our responsibilities to your building or block, sometimes we need to carry out works to maintain their condition. Your lease agreement explains you’re responsible for paying some of these costs.

If we replace or repair parts of your building or block, we must consult you where they cost more than £250 per property.

For example, if a block of 10 flats is due to have external improvements carried out and the cost is going to be £3000, we’d need to carry out consultation. This is because the cost per property will be £300.

We’ll also consult with you if we’re  entering into a long-term agreement (more than 12 months) with a contractor where the cost is £100 or more a year per property.  This could be for grounds maintenance, communal cleaning, decoration or lift maintenance for example. This is a legal requirement and comes under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Section 20 consultation

The steps we take to carry out major works

Advise you of our plans

We’ll send all leaseholders in the block or building a Notice of Intention. This describes the work we’re proposing to carry out, the reason why and how we plan to do it. This is your opportunity to give any comments, observations or questions in writing (within 30 days of the notice expiring). You can also nominate a contractor at this point and if they meet certain criteria, we’ll invite them to bid for the work. We take your feedback seriously and will always consider the views of our leaseholders. We encourage you to have your say on any of our services that impact you.

Outline the costs

We’ll send all leaseholders in the block a Notice of Estimates. This will explain the estimated costs from at least two contractors who have bid for the work as well as any comments, observations and answers we receive from the Notice of Intention. You’ll have a further 30 days to contact us with any questions or comments, or to ask to see more information on the tenders.

Share feedback

If we don’t award the works to a contractor who offered the lowest price, or one nominated by a leaseholder, we’ll send you a Notice of Reason explaining our decision. This also gives a summary of any comments received in response to the Notice of Estimates and our replies to those comments.

Paying for the works

You’ll be offered flexible payment terms of up to 12 months from the date of the invoice to pay for the cost of the works. If you want to, you can start paying before then at any time during the consultation process. If you’d like to do this or find you’re having trouble paying, please contact us straight away. You can email or call 0300 555 0500. (Text relay: 18001 0300 555 0500). Our specialist team can discuss your options for paying and can offer advice and support.